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Why cryptocurrency is loved by oppressive rulers Freedom. Democracy. Equality. That’s the promise of cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology was built to decentralize governments and the power of financial institutions, so why is it so appealing to authoritarian rulers? - Videos -

How Bitcoin Can Help Track Down Criminals People like to think that using Bitcoin makes your transactions anonymous. But because every bitcoin transaction is recorded on a public ledger, law enforcement can trace back bitcoins to its origins. - Videos -

Blockchain explained Blockchain makes bitcoin tick, but it’s much bigger than that cryptocurrency. Here’s how it works and why it might change how you buy anything from mangoes to diamonds. - Videos -

Bitcoin’s History with the Dark Web Bitcoin has long history with the dark web, Silk Road, illegal drug trade, and more. Find out how this is being prevented, what happened to those dark web sites, and the people behind them. - Videos -

Inside Taiwan’s Cryptocurrency Push The half a billion dollar theft in Japan on the Coincheck Exchange could be a cautionary tale for Taiwan, which has been looking to possibly fill the cryptocurrency void in Asia following the crackdowns in China and South Korea. Bloomberg’s Stephen Engle explores Taiwan’s cryptocurrency world. - Videos -

Watch an ICO Launch From a New York Loft Airswap, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange, has been building a global community around the idea of eliminating the middlemen in banking. Bloomberg was given exclusive access to Airswap’s initial coin offering, or ICO, at its Brooklyn offices. - Videos -

Living, Breathing, & Betting on Bitcoin Vice met with Olaf Carlson-Wee, who was the first employee at the cryptocurrency broker Coinbase, where he famously took his entire salary in bitcoin. Now, Carlson-Wee runs a hedge fund that deals exclusively in crypto-assets.

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