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Russian hackers, not North Korean, may be the bad actors behind probably the biggest ever theft from a cryptocurrency exchange. https://t.co/JsAT3a5VYa

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EXCLUSIVE: Bank becomes first to use public ethereum blockchain for new document authentication feature: https://t.co/QKSQfUfn4w by @HankTucker13 via @Forbes

4 hours ago - Steven Russolillo - srussolillo -

“This is the core argument for why institutional investors should have exposure to the cryptocurrency." -- @APompliano https://t.co/bib9HkBo7R

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RT @cryptocom: $ADA is now listed on the https://t.co/vCNztABJoG App. Buy and sell Cardano now at true cost with bank transfer and credit c…

5 hours ago - Waltonchain - Waltonchain -

On June 17, Seocho District of Seoul joined hands with Walton Blockchain Institute @WTBI_official to establish the… https://t.co/fup9usiRWl

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RT @TronLinkWallet: 🚀ALL REWARDS TO ONE LUCKY #TRONICS! ⏲️End Time: 12:00, June 24 (UTC) ✅Follow @TronLinkWallet +RT+COMMENT your favorite…

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Exactly a week away to the start of Crypto Valley Conference @CVConf_!! Join us in the valley at #CVC19 with Lili Z… https://t.co/NA71EecUgl

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JUST IN: BitTorrent creator @bramcohen has taken over as CEO of his current company, @ChiaNetworkInc – a firm creating a less energy-intensive cryptocurrency. Report by @BradyDale https://t.co/kR0L5TKecK

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SCAM ALERT: Fake website regarding NEO3.0 spotted! There is no token swap scheduled on NEO currently. Do exercise d… https://t.co/hXMaUoPNUo

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RT @Cardano: Are you in Tel Aviv? Are you a developer? Then make sure you come out to our technical meetup happening on Monday 24 June at A…

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The rewards of #TRONPizza Campaign have all been distributed! Once again congratulations to the winners! #TRON will… https://t.co/IBhbjWDh2C

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Five South Korean crypto exchanges have been forced to update their terms and conditions to accept liability for potential hacks and service issues. https://t.co/vQziM7jZZz

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#OKEx #Crypto #Exchange Added #TRON Futures Support 1⃣Settlements will be conducted on a weekly, bi-weekly, and quarterly basis. 2⃣The tool will be based on the data of currency pair #TRX/BTC from @OKEx, @HuobiGlobal, @binance exchanges. @justinsuntron https://t.co/TvjP12kWpU

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