42 mins ago - RChain Cooperative - rchain_coop -

On a recent trip to Senegal, @ACX_Network met up with Aida, one of four leaders of a 300-person women’s economic co… https://t.co/HIrVc0me7A

1 hour ago - Ethereum Classic - eth_classic -

RT @TokenHash: Hybrid PoS/PoW consensus such as Casper FFG have it upside-down, they create blocks with PoW and then do "checkpoints" w/ lo…

1 hour ago - Ethereum Classic - eth_classic -

RT @etcdev: Igor Artamonov (@splix), Founder & CTO of ETCDEV, featured on Crypto Daily (@cryptodailyuk): https://t.co/S0p1Qs55AK #Ethereu…

1 hour ago - Maker - MakerDAO -

RT @JoyceInNYC: Late discovery but I’m so impressed with the chinese-language education materials on @MakerDAO , its culturally appealing a…

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RT @eth_classic: #ETCLabs SF Mining Meetup Dec 12th!⛏️ Stop by for lively conversation, surrounding different mining concepts; learn abou…

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RT @altthirtysix: MjBizCon!! Come see us at booth # 3580 and learn about digital cash for the cannabis industry! #MjBizCon @Dashpay @MJBizD…

1 hour ago - RChain Cooperative - rchain_coop -

RT @pepoospina: State in blockchain is "virtually centralized": one state for all. It makes sense for coin ledgers, but for web 3.0 DApps,…

2 hours ago - Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] - SatoshiLite -

RT @TheEndOfMoney: The one and only Charlie Lee @SatoshiLite giving a great definition of the term "Shitcoin". Really enjoyed this intervie…

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RT @jessewldn: This video is a great overview of how $dai works and the inspirations for the design of @MakerDAO. https://t.co/DMoppfwdVA

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RT @CryptCoinTv: Will $veri become a top 5 #crypto in 2019 on @CoinMarketCap ? @ReggieMiddleton is the man to make it happen imo. Wait unt…

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"I think there are 3 main areas that actually highlight the use case for blockchains in the MakerDAO system...1) tr… https://t.co/jsvdly5hxb

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RT @etherchain_org: #Zcash Sapling Support: We are in the process of finalizing our public tests. Today we have issued our first ever payou…

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This is the official page for REV issuance details, bookmark this page now to avoid future phishing attempts:… https://t.co/oTmBKXL43X

3 hours ago - Bitcoin Magazine - BitcoinMagazine -

CFTC fines Arizona resident over $1 million for defrauding investors in trading scheme. #trading #fraud #bitcoin #cryptocurrencynews https://t.co/62uCqHVIwY

3 hours ago - nature - nature -

It takes approximately the same amount of energy to mine a dollar’s worth of cryptocurrency as it does to mine a dollar’s worth of certain metals #ResearchHighlight https://t.co/TOhejB0lXo

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