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RT @Diditaihuttu: @vergecurrency @justinvendetta Thanks @justinvendetta & $xvg for supporting charity 🙏🏼. If you can’t be at the meetup you…

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Ich bin ein Berliner! Join #Decred at the @blueyard #Berlin meetup on Wednesday, June 5th 2019 at 18:30 CEST. Dev… https://t.co/umCtjsxn1K

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Known globally as "Bitcoin Pizza Day", this event marks a milestone in the legitimisation of cryptocurrencies. https://t.co/5j6kdUJUtD

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Some #basicincome news via @basicincomeorg: Cryptocurrencies: GoodDollar – The first blockchain-related UBI conference talk https://t.co/tpD2FHbLqE

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Wanna see NEO MeetUp in your city? Vote for your City through the form, tell us what you wanna see in the MeetUps s… https://t.co/aguiL1n1pf

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📆 Save the Date The Crypto Revolution 2.0: #Digix featuring at @tenxwallet Meet-Up in Singapore on 12 June, 7pm!… https://t.co/BkpTCLgAy0

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RT @Diditaihuttu: I am looking forward to speak at the #verge meetup in Rotterdam next saturday. I will sell my book at the meetup with a s…

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In Photos | #NEM Russia Volunteer Nikita Kuznetsov during a meeting with the Scientific Council of The State Univer… https://t.co/tOp5UvqD7I

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In Photos | #NEM Russia Representative Nikita Kuznetsov during a meeting with The State University of Land Use Plan… https://t.co/3xZosnSv4C

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