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Symphony of Blockchains

An interactive, visual and auditory exploration of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Through this visualization we explain the concept underpinning blockchain as well as the individual transactional detail and ultimately health of any cryptocurrency.

65 - The Next Web -

Twitter CEO says Bitcoin will be the world’s primary currency by 2028 Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, has said that Bitcoin will become the world’s single currency within the next ten years. Dorsey’s support for Bitcoin will be surprising to many, given the recent reports that Twitter is planning to kill ICO and cryptocurrency ads, just like Faceb...

397 - Bitcoin.com - BTC -

China’s First Central Bank Governor in 15 Years Likes Bitcoin The People’s Bank of China, the nation’s central bank, has a new governor, its first in 15 years. His name is Yi Gang and judging by previous comments the 60-year-old has made, he’s perfectly okay with cryptocurrency. His positive stance towards bitcoin and other cryptos bo...

324 - TechCrunch -

A 15-year-old hacked the secure Ledger crypto wallet A 15-year-old programmer named Saleem Rashid discovered a flaw in the popular Ledger hardware wallet that allowed hackers to grab secret PINs before or after the device was shipped. The holes, which Rashid described on his blog, allowed for both a “supply chain attack” – me...

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